Lash Extensions

Eyelash Plucking
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Natural/ Classic Set

The Classic Set of lashes are a 1:1 ratio of the lash extension to the natural lash. One extension is applied to each natural lash. The set results in a beautiful, very natural look.

Signature Volume Set

The Signature Volume Set is by far the most popular. This look is achieved with custom hand made lash fans. This gives a more texturized, thicker, and denser look, than classic lashes

Outside Classic & Volume Fill

For New Clients with lash extensions done outside out The Aesthetic Room, there is a first time charge/ starting fee of $65. 50% of your lash extensions are required to be adhered to allot proper time scheduling, and also to receive the best results.

Classic & Volume Fill

Both Classic and Volume lash fills can be scheduled up to 4 weeks after a previous lash appointment. 50% lash retention is required, for scheduling and pricing purposes.