Botox Pricing

Botox priced at $12 per unit and Botox® treatment options (prices are given for estimate purposes):


Botox for Forehead wrinkles


Botox for Worry/Frown lines


Botox for Bunny lines


Botox for Crows feet


Botox for Spa brow


Botox Chin


Botox Hyperhidrosis

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Most people get Botox injections to achieve a more youthful look to their face. They look in the mirror and they don't like how tired they look. They don't like the lines that appear in pictures when pictures are taken.  Botox really is kind of anon-invasive way to brighten up the face.


 A really big question a lot of people have is dosaging on Botox. How much Botox do I need in each area. It does vary per patient. On average typically per area people require about 10 to 25 units of Botox.


When I'm injecting somebody I tend to err on the side of conservative. My theory is that we can always add more Botox but we can't take it away once we put it in there. Easing into Botox, especially for first time injectors, is usually the way to go.



Glabellar muscles (the ones that form the 11s) is usally about 12 to 20 units. Forehead is somewhere between 10 and 20 units. Each crow's feet is somewhere in between 8 to 12 units, depending on how deep and how strong your muscles are.  Of course it all depends on how conservative versus how 'frozen' a client would like to be and their personal anatomy.



When injecting Botox there are side effects. One of the more common side effects is bruising and sometimes a headache. These side effects do not last for every long. The headache can last for a few hours and you can take some kind of ibuprofen or Tylenol to relieve it. Bruising is a little bit more common but tends to be limited to the area where the needle was inserted and is mild.. Everybody is a little bit different. The areas that tend to bruise a little more is the crow's feet. These commonly resolve within five to seven days and can be easily covered with makeup.



The duration of Botox is different for everybody. Botox is FDA approved to last between three to four months, which is what I commonly do see, but some people do get six months out of it.